Founded in 1993, CAY Community Services Organization’s (CCSO) unique contribution to the field of training is its particular method for providing individualized training in computer applications for individuals with special needs.

CCSO was founded by Claudia Morgan in 1993.  Ms. Morgan, along with family members and a handful of other dedicated volunteers, started the company in order to make comprehensive training in computer skills accessible to residents of New York who are most at risk for unemployment and poverty: the unskilled, disabled, single parents, and court-involved youth and adults.

CCSO operates with the belief that strong computer skills are fundamental to secure employment and remain employed in a majority of the job market sectors.  A key assumption underlying CCSO’s work is that all individuals deserve the opportunity to achieve their fullest potential, regardless of disability, economic status, family circumstances or prior history. CCSO’s approach to offering training is within a context of supportive services that enable trainees to overcome typical barriers to achievement.

Reach for the stars!

CCSO believes that all individuals should be afforded the opportunity to fulfill their potential for their “personal best” regardless of disabilities, economic condition, family circumstances or prior history. CCSO strives to offer this opportunity by providing training and development of the star quality (everyone has an area of special talent and a reason to shine).