Special Populations Served

CCSO currently provides training and supportive services to persons with developmental disabilities. The OPWDD-funded CAY:STAR Program (Computers And You: Special Training And Resources) currently serves persons who reside in Brooklyn. Current trainees come from a full range of socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds. As the agency grows, CCSO anticipates being available to an even wider range of special populations.

Situated in downtown Brooklyn, near all major subway lines and bus routes, the organization is highly accessible.  CCSO’s facilities are ample, containing 5 fully equipped computer labs, counseling space and room for general instructions and training.  The environment offers a setting conducive to learning and using the computer.

Current Programs and Accomplishments

CCSO currently delivers services through

Consumers participate in training in computer applications (WordPerfect, Lotus 123, Excel, Microsoft Word, etc.); comprehensive employment readiness training, including motivational counseling; resume preparation, and basic education skills. The programs are carried out from Monday-Friday all year long.

The organization’s programs has been featured in the MetroTech Business Improvement District newsletter and in the State Journal of the Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities. In addition, the program was featured in a full page article in the New York Daily News.


For enrollment in the CAY:STAR Program please submit an enrollment application along with the requested documentation. Please call for further information.

For enrollment in the day hab program, CREATE, please call for additional information.

To receive Medicaid Coordination service, please call 718-624-5585 Monday through Friday between 10:00 A.M. and 6:30 P.M.

Computer Training and Services

CCSO offers training in computer applications including Microsoft Word, Excel, WordPerfect and keyboarding.  Classes are small and hours are flexible.  Best of all – tuition is low.  Open registration all year. We offer an environment conducive to succeed in learning and using the computer with individual instructions.  Also offered at our facility on a time rental basis for computer use, Internet access and fax service.  Visit or call for registration requirements.