CAY Community Services Organization offers an OPTS program that maximizes the opportunities for the choices of four individuals whose personal goals are not, nor seemingly will be met through existing programs and services.

In order to advance the personal goal of independence, CCSO offers “employment” opportunities in positions or job titles desired by the participants. The positions are tailored to the functioning levels of the four individuals and allow them to earn a salary for productive work in the area of their personal interest and fulfillment of their dreams. All of the individuals have goals involving specific job titles and responsibilities and have refused enrollment, not been accepted or eligible or cannot find employment in other SEMP programs. CCSO is in a unique position to be able to offer a path to their dreams in the form of employment training in the titles and responsibilities they desire.

All services are provided in an environment conducive to the success of the individuals at the CCSO facility. Oversight of all systems are be in place to ensure that the highest quality services are provided. The individuals attend the program Monday through Friday from 9:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. The first and last hours are Day Habilitation and the remainder of their time they are in the prevocational program.

Individuals feature their work on the bulletin board. These activities help broaden their view on the world around them and then project it onto paper.



Mickhail is currently training to be a teacher’s assistant/mailclerk. Part of his training requires him to interact with his peers in other programs where he reinforces their vocabulary. He collaborates with the instructor to ensure that the individuals grasp the learning material. Aside from his training, he aids the staff by prepping the computers in the morning, setting up tables for his peers, and other office duties such as shredding paper. He enjoys playing games, drawing, writing poetry, singing, and dancing. Since Mickhail enjoys working with people, in the future and after CAY he would enjoy being in a classroom and working as a teacher’s assistant or paraprofessional.

“I enjoy coming to CAY because everyone is always in a good mood and the instructor guides me in reviewing my math and vocabulary. Everybody’s funny and I picked up good habits such as being on time.”



Katrina is one of CAY’s maintenance workers. She enjoys playing cards on the computer and working on her word search book. At home, Katrina spends her time making handicrafts or knitting. Katrina is a mother of two daughters, an 18 year old and a 31 year old. After CAY, her ideal job would be to take care of children at a daycare.

“I used to have trouble telling time and counting nickels and dimes. I like coming here because everyone here is nice and friendly and I like to help people.”



Jinnel is in the OPTS program performing the duties of a receptionist. She greets visitors, maintains a log of visitors, and Xeroxes papers. She practices answering messages, using the fax machine and filing papers as part of the vocational training. She also helps design fliers for CAY. On her free time she likes to keep her house clean, listen to music and play games. The job title that Jinnel would like to have in the future is receptionist or day care worker.

“I learn and develop a lot. Typing, current events, word definitions, math, money management, I enjoy doing it all.“



Anna is currently performing the job duties of a maintenance worker. Her job responsibilities include keeping the classrooms clean, maintaining the floors, and collecting trash. She would like to work in a mall, hotel, or McDonald’s after CCSO. In the future, Anna wants to open her own beauty parlor or become a dancing teacher.

“I think the OPTS program is fun since it teaches you other things that you need to learn in life. I enjoy typing on the computer, learning about current events, and cleaning. I have grown up a lot from being at CAY and it’s important for me to be patient and prepare for the outside world. I love it here.”